Esme Westcott

Director and Physiotherapy Lead

Qualification: B.Sc. (physio) 1989 at UOFS in South Africa

Field of practice: Musculoskeletal physiotherapy

Memberships: Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sport and Exercise Medicine (ACPSEM), Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapy (AACP), Physio First

I am passionately committed to working with clients to achieve their goals: I listen, I have a “hands-on” approach and I have a firm, evidence-based belief that exercise forms a vital part of recovery. I do, however, understand that not everyone enjoys exercise!

My professional journey began in a state hospital in South Africa, after which I established a practice in a large university town. Relocating to the UK to work in the NHS for a few years came next, transitioning from there into private practice.  I have worked in various clinics in London as well as at Physio Vineyards.

In my 30+ years of experience, I have honed my skills and continuously improved my knowledge. (Every day continues to be a learning day!) University rowing and rugby teams, a Dance and Physical Theatre Company, elite athletes, musicians, active professionals, teenagers, and retirees have all been part of my journey.

An active lifestyle is integral to my personal life. I enjoy playing the piano, cycling, swimming, weight training and camping with my husband and our dog.

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